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Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Play The Seventh Sister on Star Wars Rebels

"I may be number seven, but I'm pretty much number one."

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Seventh Sister on Star Wars Rebels

Sarah Michelle Gellar will soon lend her voiceover talents to Star Wars Rebels in the role of an Imperial Inquisitor called the Seventh Sister. “I may be number seven,” Gellar told Buzzfeed, “But I’m pretty much number one.” She went on to describe her character’s motivation and personality:

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My character believes that Ahsoka is back, and she is trying to track down Ahsoka as well as the rebels. And just kill them all!

She definitely plays cat and mouse with Kanan. All Inquisitors want to mess with Jedi — you know, that’s why we’re put on this Earth. Galaxy, I should say.

We can expect this character to have Gellar’s own personal twist, beyond just her voice:

I didn’t get to see the design before I went into the booth. And I think sometimes that’s actually better, because they would record my mannerisms. Sometimes when I would get into character, I would do certain things with my hands, and then a couple weeks later, I would see that in the drawing. They sort of reflect and mirror each other.

Gellar also took aim at the claim that Star Wars fandom is gendered, and emphasized how great it is to see more women heroes — and villains! — in a sci-fi series that she already loves.

Yeah, I’m a Star Wars fan. I think it hits you on an emotional level. It’s good versus evil, and love, and triumph, and equality. And that’s not gender-specific!

What’s great about Rebels is, it’s a family show. You have these great female characters, in Hera and Sabine. They have their own stories and their own powers. They’re different, they’re cool, and they fight for good, which of course ultimately is what you want your children to do.

I’m now part of the lore and legend of Star Wars. That’s what people dream of. The same way that I still talk about the original movies — that I’m now part of the story of Star Wars — it’s really special.

Here’s Gellar’s character spinning a lightsaber around like a bad-ass. The Rebels better look out!

Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Seventh Sister on Star Wars Rebels

(via Comic Book Resources, images via Buzzfeed)

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