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Samantha Bee Talks Evil Abortion Restrictions and Why We Should Abolish ICE

Full Frontal didn’t hesitate at all last night, aiming straight at new abortions restrictions (or, as the description writes, “Trump is back on his abortion bullshit”) and calling for the abolishing of ICE (“Shut it the fuck down”).

Bee began with a celebration of Stacey Abram winning Georgia’s Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, AKA “the most electrifying thing to happen to Georgia since the devil went down to it.” The low of the week, however, was Trump announcing the dangerous “gag rule”, which will severely hurt women’s health care by barring patients from Planned Parenthood (currently, PP centers “serve 41% of patients who get care through Title X-funded health services”).

Bee explains, “The new rule would ban Title X-funded family planning facilities from performing abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or the GOP finance co-chair impregnating his mistress.” Women won’t get the information they need, it will hurt people of color the most, and it will almost definitely lead to more unsafe abortions.

The host points out that Trump’s actions aren’t out of belief, but out of a desire for political expediency which makes it even more hypocritical and evil. “If Trump hasn’t had at least a half dozen abortions, I will eat this blazer”, says Bee, “actually I take that back that was wildly unfair. If Trump hasn’t promised to pay for at least half dozen abortions, then not paid for them, then written back checks for them […] then declared bankruptcy and eventually made Russia pay for them, I will eat this blazer.”

In Act 2, Bee talks about the history of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and how despite only being around since 2003 its managed to ruin so many lives, tear apart families, and essentially send people to their deaths. The solution to the”bloated, unaccountable cruel department” that’s an outdated relic and “textbook government waste”?

“Shut it the fuck down. I’m serious. It’s awful. And we don’t actually need it. You know, I’m a liberal. I don’t usually advocate for smaller government, but in this case, as I say to my barista every morning, there should be one less ICE.”

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