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Sailor Moon Eternals Trailer Takes Us to the Dead Moon Circus

The world is terrible, but we still have new Sailor Moon content and honestly, sometimes that is the one thing that keeps me going.

Original manga creator Naoko Takeuchi is credited with the original work and with supervision, which is great news. The big bad of this two-part anime film project will be Queen Nehellenia, leader of the Dead Moon. These films will be an adaptation of the “Dead Moon Arc.”

For those who are out of the know, let me give you a brief breakdown of the “Dead Moon Arc.” Queen Nehelenia is the leader of the Dead Moon Circus and sort of the Maleficent of the Sailor Moon world. She serves as the dark mirror image of Queen Serenity, the mother of Princess Serenity aka past life Sailor Moon/Usagi. Nehelenia made herself queen of the dark center of the Moon and revealed herself during a celebration of Princess Serenity’s birth.

Queen Serenity sealed Nehelenia inside of dark mirror after the latter tried to steal power and as revenge, Nehelenia cursed that the Moon Kingdom would fall and the princess would never inherit the throne. And then you know … that happened.

Now centuries later, Nehelenia awakens and is like “wow that curse was really great, good on me.” She brainwashes some followers and sets off to take over the world as one does.

I’m super excited to see this arc brought to life. It can sometimes be a little divisive because this is around the time the mythology expands to include more of Sailor Chibi Moon and establishes her future role as being a Sailor Scout with her own team. Some people don’t like Chibi. I think those people are wrong, but I don’t like to pick fights.

The film was delayed because of the pandemic, but now the first part is set to be released on January 8, 2021, then its second part will follow on February 11, 2021. I look forward to watching both in whatever format I am blessed with, because Sailor Moon is always something that makes me feel better when the world is a damn mess of a place. Which I’m sure it will still be in 2021.


Anyway, Sailor Moon says Vote.

(image: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie” Production Committee)

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