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Here Are The Sailor Scouts If They Were The Avengers, Please Make This Into A Film

In the name of the Moon AND ALSO AMERICA, I will punish you!


Moon Cover

With the Sailor Moon reboot out soon, and the original series’ 20th anniversary, our favorite senshi are having a good year. Meanwhile, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is box office gold, and Avengers: Age of Ultron is already shooting. What happens when you combine the franchises? This amazing “We Are (Not) Soldiers” mash-up by Jei Shepard.

Can someone please make an animated fan film of this right now because I really, desperately need that in my life. Also it’s totally okay if Minako/Black Widow and Rei/Hawkeye are still A Thing. Let’s make this happen, internet. Go.

Sailor Moon as Captain America



Sailor Mercury as Iron Man (screaming because this is the best)



Sailor Mars as Hawkeye



Sailor Jupiter as Thor (God of Thunder, get it)



Sailor Venus as Black Widow


(via Jei Shepard)

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