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Sega Is Producing a Magical Girl Anime Starring Personifications of Their Game Consoles

If Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't repeatedly bail them out, it will strain my suspension of disbelief.

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Sega’s awkward phase just keeps getting stranger. After they ditched manufacturing consoles and transitioned to games only, they’ve mostly banked on their backlog and Sonic to draw people in, but I wouldn’t say it’s been a wild success. Now, they’re producing an anime based on anthropomorphized versions of their consoles.

Will Sega eventually get past its weird adolescent years and become a normal, functional adult as I one day aspire to be? Is my continual personification of Sega weird? It’s not any weirder than their OS-tan-style personifications of their consoles. The “Segakko” (Sega girls) were originally designed as downloadable content for the PS Vita game Samurai & Dragons, and now Sega is hitting that nostalgia angle in a new way by making them into a real anime.

Details are scarce at this point, but I imagine the show stars Genesis, who keeps trusting the wrong people like Sega CD and 32x, her weird older sister Mega Drive, and Dreamcast, who was born years later and no one was really expecting. If not, man have I got some alternate universe fan fiction to write.

You know what? If it’s half as crazy as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer marketing anime, I’m kind of on board. When you’re already doing something kind of weird, you might as well take it all the way.

There are no details yet on when Sega is (sort of) getting back into the console business by turning them into Anime, but it’s already got its own official site and everything. If you want to see individual shots of the consoles and see if you can guess which is which, head over to Kotaku.

(via Kotaku, image via Sega)

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