UK Safe Sex Campaign Parodies Mario and Mega Man, is Crazy [Video]

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The Leicester branch of the UK’s Teenage Pregnancy Strategy (which sounds an awful lot like group with a strategy to make teenagers pregnant, rather than help prevent it) has developed a YouTube campaign in order to help remind teenagers to wear condoms. Entitled “Game On!,” the video seems to rip assets and ideas from Mario (warp pipes, bricks), Mega Man (the boy’s sprite and animations), and Sonic (the title screen) in order to convey the safety involved with using a condom by having the boy fight off evil STIs.

What the video doesn’t explain:

  • Why alcohol = instant nudity
  • Why the boy gets a sudden speed boost the second time around, with no discernible speed boost power-up available
  • Why anyone would decide to initiate relations with someone as diseased as the girl seems to be, regardless of using protection, considering the amount of rampant STIs running around

So, remember: Have safe sex, but use condoms that aren’t trying to outrun you.

(Eurogamer via The Escapist)

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