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Stranger Things‘ Sadie Sink Clearly Wanted to Talk #TIMESUP. Too Bad E! Wanted Fluff

Plenty of adults were all in black and bringing their Time’s Up talking points and their activist dates to their interviews on the red carpet. However, it was particularly heartening to see the young cast of Stranger Things also all in black. When I saw that it was the main male cast along with Sadie Sink as the lone young female representative of the show, I was curious how their show of solidarity would be addressed.

It seemed to be at the forefront of Sink’s mind. When Sink revealed that this was her first Golden Globes, E!’s Giuliana Rancic asked her what she thought of it, and she started to talk about the importance of this year’s ceremony in relation to the Time’s Up initiative. Sink gestured to her own dress and got out, “It’s crazy. But what a great Golden Globes to be at, with all the…” before Rancic cut her off to ask her if it feels “the same or different than watching it on television.”

She then proceeds to ask the group about Stranger Things Season 3 (they know nothing), and their “strangest” secret talents (Gaten Matarazzo does a mean Chewbacca impression), before asking them what they’re looking forward to the most during the ceremony.

Sink takes that moment to briefly mention what’s actually on her heart, “I’m interested to see everyone in black, and their different take[s] on it. I think it’s great.”

None of the boys say anything about it.

Having been press on a few red carpets in my day, I get that these interviews happen really fast, and you’re trying to get through all your questions and get good, entertaining responses while also keeping an eye on who’s coming up on the carpet next. And yes, these are kids, so you wouldn’t necessarily want to press them to talk about these issues in a way that would be age-inappropriate.

However, I don’t think Rancic was registering how much Sink clearly wanted to talk about this, and could’ve gotten a way more interesting interview if she’d have followed that line of questioning rather than asking about a Season 3 that the cast knows nothing about (and couldn’t spoil even if they did). These kids are all teenagers and are clearly capable of registering what’s happening around them in a very adult industry.

Given that the Time’s Up initiative was THE story of the evening, to not address it with an interview subject on the red carpet seems remiss, especially when Rancic could’ve easily followed Sink’s lead.

Plenty of young actors are victimized and abused in Hollywood, and there are too many adults in the industry whose Me Too stories happened when they were younger. It’s important that Hollywood professionals of all ages feel like they have a voice in this conversation, and know that they can stand up for themselves and be heard.

It’s important, too, that young boys be taught that this isn’t just a girls’ issue. It’s something that people of all genders need to be concerned about. Too many men at the Golden Globes stayed silent, which doesn’t exactly provide Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin, and Finn Wolfhard a great example.

Thankfully, they have Sink’s example to guide them. Hopefully, they’ll learn to follow her lead instead.

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