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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Address Burning ‘Deadpool 3’ Questions

Deadpool gasping with his hands pressed to his face.

It feels so nice to have Ryan Reynolds f**king with us again. The star of Deadpool and Deadpool 2 and nothing else (just kidding, but he’s a fellow Scorpio so I’m sure he’ll laugh at that) has taken to the internet to start messing with fans of Wade Wilson again and it feels right. News broke, from Reynolds himself—which tends to be the case with Deadpool news—that Hugh Jackman would be returning as Wolverine to deal with Deadpool once again. And, if you know anything about Wolverine’s timeline in the Marvel movies (more specifically the Fox X-Men films), then you know that he’s dead post-Logan.

So obviously, fans were confused by what it all meant—mainly because Ryan Reynolds loves to, as I said before, f**k with us. The first video teased Jackman walking up the stairs and nonchalantly telling Reynolds that he’d play Wolverine again, and that was it.

So in a new video, Reynolds and Jackman sat down to answer fans’ burning questions about how Logan can be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool debut and what it means for the character of Wolverine as a whole, and the answers we got … well, they make sense for Reynolds and Jackman.

Is Logan dead?

The first question asked was whether or not Jackman’s reappearance as Wolverine contradicts Logan. The film saw the death of Logan and was also supposedly the end for Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart in the world of the X-Men. We already know that Stewart came back as Professor Xavier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so I like to think that this was Jackman’s rebuttal to that. Because if you end something together, you might as well both go back to it in weird/fun cameos, right?

But Reynolds, before taking the bit to the next level and giving us absolutely nothing, pointed out that Logan takes place in 2029, meaning that technically, he’d still be alive and around given that the Deadpool movies don’t really venture outside of our own timeline unless Cable is involved—and also maybe Cable went to 2029 and made sure Wolvy is fine. We don’t know!

But before we got any more information, Reynolds and Jackman started explaining what happens in their movie, and a song played so loudly over their explanation that we got nothing. Tis the Reynolds way.

Shoutout Kevin Feige, all praise Shawn Levy

They both thank Marvel’s Kevin Feige at the end of the video, which makes me wonder if he gave them the go-ahead to do this announcement, but to be honest, it makes sense that Jackman would come back for this. He’s friends with Reynolds, he clearly loved being Logan, but he’s also worked with Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy in the past.

My own family loves Levy’s film Real Steel, which stars Jackman, and Reynolds himself has worked with Levy quite a bit, so the two joining together to do this with Levy behind them? That is going to be worth the wait.

Oh joyous news, I cannot wait for Deadpool 3. It seems as if we have two years left to wait for the movie’s September 2024 release, but if it means we get Wolverine and Deadpool back in action, then it’s worth it for me.

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