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Holy Crap! Ryan Reynolds Confirms Hugh Jackman Will Play The Wolverine Again—Alongside Deadpool!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men Origins

Well, after a few teases of the X-Men, mutants, and even Wolverine himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe lately, we finally know where to expect to see the character first, but that’s not all! Ryan Reynolds dropped a video confirming that Hugh Jackman himself will return to the role! Check out the tweet for yourself:

Reynolds posted a video on Twitter to hype up Deadpool’s inevitable appearance in the MCU, with the requisite sense of humor and self-awareness, poking fun at himself for being out of ideas for where to go next with Deadpool, with a build-up to a surprise twist: casually asking Jackman to come back as Wolverine. It’s exactly what we would expect from Deadpool and Reynolds himself—gently mocking the idea of bringing Jackman back as what you do when you’ve run out of ideas, while still embracing his return because … of course.

The video ends with Wolverine claw marks being slashed over the Deadpool logo. Will we finally get a “rematch” after Reynolds’ last appearance as “Deadpool” alongside Wolverine on the big screen, a famously wasted opportunity that may now get a do-over?

Otherwise, we still don’t know a ton about Deadpool 3, but if they wanted to get people’s attention without giving too much away, they’ve certainly accomplished it with this announcement. The one other bit of information given away by the video is that Deadpool 3 will arrive “Hughn,” though I’m going to have to take issue with that and say that, after this news, the film’s release date of September 9, 2024 is not “Hughn” enough at two years away.

Will we see Jackman in the MCU before then, to set things up for a showdown(?) with Deadpool in the film, or will we have to wait a full two years for him to get back into uniform? Even if he doesn’t fully make an appearance elsewhere first, it’s also possible that he could pop up in a post-credits scene somewhere in Marvel’s packed lineup between now and then. Whatever the case, they’ve definitely got us on high alert for it now!

(featured image: Marvel Entertainment)

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