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In These Dark Times, Let Us Remember That Ryan Lochte is Still a Thing That Exists and is Hilarious



This week, the anchors of Good Morning, Philly had the unenviable task of interviewing barely sentient Olympian Ryan Lochte, who according to this amazing interview is “a man at night and a man in the morning.” While that may put to rest the lycanthropy rumors that have dogged Lochte, it didn’t impress the anchors chatting with the swimmer about his new reality show. It’s to their credit that the hosts do really, really well at not laughing at Lochte while they’re still talking to him…and then not so well not laughing at him all of the other times. We’re glad to have this video today, because sometimes, you just need to pause, take a deep breath, and laugh at how dumb a guy is. Thank you, Ryan Lochte, for always being that guy.

Fun fact: Every person who has worked in news has had an interview like this. They just happen. There are moments, and they are mercifully rare in my experience, that if you can keep from actively laughing at a person until they are off the phone or out of the room, you are doing great.  Here’s hoping these anchors don’t suffer any repercussions for this video, which is really helping to bring a lighter note to the latest in a profoundly ugly series of mornings.

Because when you laugh at Ryan Lochte, the world laughs with you. Even Ryan Lochte, though he probably doesn’t get what everyone is laughing at.

(via popgoestheweek, image via JD Lasica)

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