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BBC Books Turned Down Russell T. Davies’ Proposed Doctor Who Graphic Novel

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Russell T. Davies has already made it clear he’ll not be involved in the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, saying “I think I’d be like the ghost at the feast. What would I do – turn up and make the tea? I have asked current boss Steven Moffat not to tell me what they are planning.” But it turns out he was interested in returning to Who in a different capacity—only he was turned down.

Says Davies in an interview with The Telegraph:

I did ask BBC Books if they fancied a graphic novel, and they went, ‘No’. I sat here thinking, I could write a graphic novel, I could even draw the graphic novel, that’d be brilliant… No. There we are then, I tried.”

Harsh, BBC Books. Harsh.

I’m sure they had a reason for refusing beyond just “Stay out of our sandbox, Davies!,” but I sure can’t figure out what it could have been. Even if Davies only wrote the graphic novel and someone else took up drawing—I’m not exactly sure whether he’s even serious about the drawing part, but he did start out his career doing illustration for children’s TV, so maybe—what’s wrong with a brand new RTD-penned Doctor Who story? It’s just a tie-in graphic novel, it’s not like he’s trying to orchestrate a coup against Moffat! Why won’t you let us have nice things?!

(via: io9)

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