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Please Tell Me We’re Actually Getting a Spider-Noir Spin-Off

I want it.

Spider-Noir gets his own character poster for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced us to a variety of lovable Spider-characters, from breakout hero Miles Morales to the John Mulaney voiced Spider-Ham. Sony is already interested in creating a, well, a Spider Cinematic Animated Universe after the critical acclaim, audience adoration, and Oscar glory they received for the film. A sequel centered on Miles and a Spider-Gwen female-centric spin-off are already in the works, but another Spider-person might get their own film soon.

Spider-Noir, the tough-talking, egg cream drinking, Nazi punching detective version of Spider-Man who hails from 1930’s New York is rumored to be getting his own film. Voiced by Nicholas Cage in a “full Nic” performance, Spider-Noir was a popular character and got one of the best gags in the film with his obsession with a Rubik’s Cube, a bright spot of color in his otherwise black and white world.

Honestly, if we get a Spider-Man film that’s entirely about a version of Peter Parker punching Nazis, you’re not going to get a no from me. If The Lego Batman Movie could turn out to be a hit, then a Spider-Noir film could easily be as well-received. A send-up of the noir genre that appeals to both kids and parents would be incredible, and it would be funny to see how other Spider-characters fit into the noir world.

Plus, it could include cameos from other characters, since the end of Spider-Verse teased more inter-dimensional travel. A film centered on the cute father-daughter relationship between Peni Parker and Spider-Noir could be adorable, as well as visually inventive as their two different worlds collide. Plus, it would give Peni more to do; she was the least developed of all the Spider-folks that appeared in the film.

Overall, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got more of each Spider-person going forward. Spider-Ham could get his own ongoing animated short series. Peter B. Parker could get his own spin-off, though I’d much prefer him as a mentor to Miles going forward. Miles and Gwen will undoubtedly be leading the Spider-Verse going forward. It makes sense that Spider-Noir, who was a popular character, might get his own project.

What are your thoughts on the possible Spider-Noir film? Do you want to see one, or would you prefer this private eye only get some animated shorts and not steal the spotlight? Should another Spider-Man get a spin-off before him? Let us know in the comments!

(via We Got This Covered, image: Sony)

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