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Rose McGowan Calls Out CAA’s Involvement in #TimesUp

As we said yesterday, Rose McGowan is many things, but she is not silent, and this morning, she left an angry tweet addressing the agency CAA and its involvement with the #TimesUp initiative.

The Daily Beast is reporting that this tweet is causing a lot of division between people who are loyal to Rose McGowan (#RoseArmy) and those who think the #TimesUp initiative will do a lot of good. It is a complicated issue because #TimesUp pins were worn at the Golden Globes by men who’ve harassed women, men and women who have supported Woody Allen and/or Roman Polanski, and those who have a history of domestic violence.

#TimesUp was an accessory last night for men who knew that, by not wearing it and still showing up, they would create more controversy than not—which doesn’t mean the entire movement is a waste or disingenuous. I think the women behind it truly do want to make a change and are committed to it. However, when you are fighting an institution as big as Hollywood, there are many parts to the battle.

CAA, or the Creative Artists Agency, is one of the most powerful American talent and sports agencies in the country, and it manages a ton of stars, which is why it is also rife with corruption. Courtney Love stated back in October that she was allegedly blacklisted by CAA for making comments about Harvey Weinstein back in 2005. Uma Thurman, whose seething rage about the sexual assault issue was heard ’round the world, also exited CAA in November of 2017.

Agencies have been shown to be part of the problem when it comes to allowing sexual misconduct to take place. Terry Crews spoke last year about being assaulted by a powerful Hollywood agent, later revealed to be Adam Venit from the William Morris Agency (WME). Venit was only suspended for a month by WME, and WME denied knowing about the accusation, but Crews came with receipts exposing their lies.

Tamara Holder, a Fox News contributor, recently said in a Vanity Fair article that she was urged to keep quiet by her agent “after a senior executive tried to force her to perform oral sex on him.”

CAA itself was called out by Gwyneth Paltrow when she was talking about her experience with Weinstein, saying that “she thought she would be safe at the meeting because her agency CAA had sent her.”

As the movement goes forward, it is going to be very important that everyone is held accountable from every part of Hollywood. If agencies are going to be giving money in support of #TimesUp, then it needs to be known that it will not protect them from being called out if needed. I don’t think it’s necessary to see Rose McGowan and #TimesUp as enemies. Rose McGowan, right now, has managed to create an avenue for herself that is independent of the mainstream Hollywood elite, which means she can be louder and call out people easier than people who are still in the system and may have reservations or fears. We need a voice like that, and if she is willing to do that, then I say good.

Especially because she is not above admitting when she has made mistakes, as she’s stated before, “There is no map for this road I’m on, I will fuck up. Peace be with you, go with Goddess.”

I’m not for anyone already trying to rip these women’s movements apart before they have begun to do any of the good work they have talked about. Stop pitting women against each other, and stop wanting them to fail.

(via The Daily Beast, image: Shutterstock)

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