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Time Lapse Video Shows a Real Life DJ Roomba Making Beautiful Light Trail Art

It's like a robot kaleidoscope.


ROOMBACALYPSE from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.

Sunchaser Pictures sent us their latest time lapse video ROOMBACALYPSE. It shows the light trails made by a Roomba set to music. It’s trippy, weird, and wonderful.

This is a little different than some of the other videos we’ve seen from Sunchaser which tend to focus on star trails and nature scenes, but we don’t mind seeing some robot love. The man behind Sunchaser, Gavin Heffernan explains:

I recently purchased an awesome IRobot “ROOMBA” vaccum cleaner (as part of my neverending quest to make household chores tolerable). After watching the cute little circular robot zoom across our floors with endless gusto, I decided to try and attach different lights to the top and shoot some timelapses. I then “stacked” the images the same way I would create star trails, using STARSTAX. The result was a psychedelic look that I had a lot of fun with! To amplify the patterns, I used a variation of mirroring effects to create symmetrical designs. For lights, I used a camping headlamp and a flashing rescue beacon. Blue pool ball shots were created using glow in the dark golf balls provided by friend/producer Michael Darrow. Arcade screens were composited in after to avoid stacking.

The music on the video was a collaboration between Briana Nadeau and Adam Jeremy Williams from Cinemasonixx.

(via Sunchaser Pictures)

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