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Never Suffer A Paper Jam Again With This Portable Printer That Works Like a Roomba

We can't wait for the Parks and Recreation storyline that introduces "DJ Portable Printer."

Have you ever looked at a Roomba and thought, “Gosh, it would be really cool if this automated vacuum cleaner were depositing ink all over my floor?” Probably not, but if it were tinier and you could use it to print out your homework just seconds before class starts, we bet you’d be into it.

The Zuta Labs Mini Mobile Robotic Printer isn’t a product that you can buy yet, sadly, but it’s just started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $400,000 and has already gotten more than half that with 28 days left to go, so odds are that it’ll go into production preeeetty soon. It works by connecting directly to smartphones and PCs using a bluetooth system, and its omni-wheel allows it to turn and drive in any direction. The printer also has a print speed of  1.2 ppm and can reach up to 96×192 dpi resolution, but sadly only works in greyscale as of now, as it can only hold 1 black ink cartridge.

Pre-ordering the printer through the Kickstarter campaign will run you about $200, but it seems like a small (get it? get iiiit?) price to pay to literally be able to carry a printer around with you everywhere. If the campaign is successful, the early backers will get their orders by January of next year.

(via Fast Company Design)

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