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Never Suffer A Paper Jam Again With This Portable Printer That Works Like a Roomba

We can't wait for the Parks and Recreation storyline that introduces "DJ Portable Printer."

Have you ever looked at a roomba and thought, "Gosh, it would be really cool if this automated vacuum cleaner were depositing ink all over my floor?" Probably not, but if it were tinier and you could use it to print out your homework just seconds before class starts, we bet you'd be into it.

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This New Printer Uses Water Instead Of Ink And We Would Like One Immediately Please

Seriously, ink cartridges are going to bankrupt us all.

Printer cartridges are both ridiculously expensive and harmful to the environment, making them terrible on many different levels; but still, not everyone likes to read on a screen. To solve this dilemma, Chinese scientists have developed a new type of ink for your printer - ink that isn't actually ink at all. It's water.

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Millions of Printers Open to Exploits That Could Light Them on Fire

In a world where more and more things are getting connected to the Internet, it's getting more and more important to focus on security for things that aren't traditional computers. I'm not just talking smartphones and tablets, but things like cars, prison security systems, and printers. According to researchers at Columbia University, tens of millions of printers have firmware vulnerabilities that make them super hackable. But what's the worst a hacker could do to a printer? How about set it on fire.

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Watch a Foam Printer in Action

Lovely video of a foam printer spewing wispy letters into the air at IFA Berlin 2010. Definitely watch in HD for the full effect. (via Best of YouTube)

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Google Unveils Plan for Printing on the Cloud, Hopes to Do Away with Pesky Print Drivers

In a recent post on Google's Chromium blog, the company reveals that it has been thinking long and hard about how to deal with a commonplace annoyance with the potential to handicap cloud computing and make the company's web-based apps less useful: Printing. Specifically, "printing" as we know it today, involvingĀ print drivers that need to be installed for computers to communicate with nearby printers -- and which are often only available on CD-ROMs.

Google Cloud Print isn't yet fully worked out, but Google's aim is that in the future, web apps using it will be able to print to any printer, regardless of drivers or operating system -- even if they're running from a mobile phone or other device:

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