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Join Us To Speculate Wildly About Rogue One, The First Female-Led Star Wars Film Ever

I never doubted you! Wonderful!


As we mentioned earlier, Felicity Jones has officially been cast as the lead in Rogue One, the first-ever Star Wars spin-off, to be released December 16, 2016. The movie will be directed by Godzilla‘s Gareth Edwards, and written by Cinderella‘s Chris Weitz but what is it going to be about?!

Given the title, we’re hoping against all hope that Jones is going to play a bad-ass lady X-wing pilot. Could she perhaps be the leader of the Rogue Squadron? I mean, I know they nuked Jaina Solo and Syal Antilles from continuity when they eliminated the expanded universe, but maybe… someone similar? Perhaps?

Regardless, we’re just thrilled that this film will actually star a woman, after the somewhat lackluster original casting announcement for Episode VII. Sure, they since added Lupita and Gwendoline to the roster, but Rogue One lead with Jones out the gate, and that’s pretty amazing.

We want to know your theories, so sound off in the comments!

And to any and all whiny manbabies who aren’t cool with a lady-led Star Wars film:

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