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Okay but Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical Looks Fun

A theater in New York decked out in Rogers: The Musical posters featuring Steve Rogers' Captain America.

Hawkeye premiered this morning on Disney+ and with it came our first look at “A timeless story of a timeless hero.” That’s right, I’m talking about Rogers: The Musical. In the trailer for Hawkeye, we were gifted a brief look at the musical as Steve Rogers spun around center stage with his shield in hand, and we, as fans, knew we were about to see Clint Barton have to watch his friends singing and dancing in front of him.

In the context of the show, it is everything I wanted and so much more. Because who doesn’t want to see a bad musical about Steve Rogers on Broadway? I’d watch this in the real world and would gladly spend whatever money I needed to in order to experience the magic over and over again.

But let’s talk about why the musical weirdly works in the pilot episode of Hawkeye.

**Slight spoilers for the first episode of Hawkeye lie within.**

Clint Barton is in New York City so that he can take his kids to see Rogers: The Musical, a show based on Clint’s friend Steve Rogers. Why Clint bothered to go is beyond me, but he’s there and clearly hates it. But what I absolutely loved about the musical is that Steve Rogers singing “I can do this all DAYYYYYYY” has lived in my head since I watched the episodes this weekend. It’s so bad it’s good, if we’re being honest.

But what works in this scene is really Clint seeing Natasha. Sure, it’s funny, but Clint Barton is looking at his friends who died being portrayed in a musical. Tony is gone, Steve left, Natasha sacrificed herself in front of him, and Clint is sitting there watching a weird musical about his friends. And it ends Act 1 at the Battle of New York!? So what is Act 2?!?

Honestly, I’d love it if Clint and Kate need to hide out later and end up sneaking into Rogers: The Musical so that we get a glimpse of the second half of the show, because I have so many questions about where this musical is going next. Are the next three Avengers movies in Act 2 alone? Or is this a three-act musical?

Honestly, I’d take an entire cast recording with no context and just live my best life trying to figure out what the hell Rogers: The Musical is, because it seems like a horrible, destructive musical, and that’s exactly what I would want out of a show centering itself on the “man out of time.” I hope it ends with Steve just hanging out on the moon like everyone thought in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one knows what happened to Steve Rogers (that we know of), and so, if that means we get to see a musical where they glorify Steve and predict what happened to him after that final battle with Thanos, then I want to see more of it.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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