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What Do You MEAN Rocket Raccoon Could Have Been in Loki!?


Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity War

Loki featured references to some of our favorite characters from Loki’s past and a wonderful surprise cameo from Lady Sif, but there could have been even more? You’re telling me that I could have seen Rocket Raccoon live and in the flesh in a Disney+ show and it didn’t happen!?

As CBR points out, there seems to be a variant of Rocket Raccoon in the line at the TVA during the Marvel’s Assembled episode on the making of Loki. While we know that Loki shows up at the TVA and only sees one other man in line to meet with Judge Renslayer, it initially looks like there were plenty of other beings waiting for their sentencing. And the little Rocket Raccoon in line clearly has to be a variant version of the Rocket we know and love in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To that I say: AH! MAKE IT HAPPEN! I love Rocket Raccoon. He’s unapologetically one of my favorite Marvel characters, and any excuse to see more of him is fine by me. And when looking at the stock of characters we have in the Marvel canon and who would end up doing something to end them at the TVA … Rocket is pretty high up on that list. You know he’d do something he wasn’t supposed to do just because he could.

While Loki will do anything to survive, including breaking the timeline to escape from the Avengers, Rocket Raccoon will do anything to steal what he thinks is fascinating. All it takes is a theft from the wrong person, and boom: He’s at the TVA. And you know he would have teamed up with Loki in some way or another to try and escape because he’s Rocket.

Personally, I love that when Loki showed up at the TVA, there was only one other man, and Loki frantically did whatever they asked of him because he watched the guy get pruned. But I also am a Rocket stan and now knowing that I could have gotten more of my favorite furry weapon hurts. Would it have just been a little nod to the rest of the MCU? Probably and he might not have even spoken but still, knowing that I could have seen my Rocket for even the briefest of moments in Loki is enough to get me wondering why they changed their mind.

Loki and Rocket haven’t ever met before so chances of them knowing who the other is would be slim but I would have loved to see Rocket try and steal something from either Loki or Mobius or anyone else at the TVA. I would have loved to see him in any capacity but alas. There is a season 2 coming though so … no excuse, put Rocket in Loki season 2. I deserve it.

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