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UPDATED: Entire Rock Band 3 Track List Leaked Online

1UP called our attention to this bit of facepalm-y goodness: apparently the entire tracklist for the upcoming game Rock Band 3 has been leaked online. The list seems plausible, and contains 85 tracks spanning a multitude of genres — from Amy Winehouse to Yes (literally, that’s what the alphabetical list starts and ends with). The facepalm-y bit? It turns out the leak was completely unintentional, and came about as a result of some HD video of a game demo and several fans with a bit too much time on their hands.

While demoing the upcoming game at GamesCom, a Harmonix employee scrolled through the song list and a video of the demo was eventually uploaded to YouTube. It goes without saying that once a video of something like this hits YouTube, two things are guaranteed to happen. 1) Dozens of barely-literate 13 year olds will swarm the comments, and 2) Several die-hard Rock Band fans will dissect the video frame-by-frame and try to glean any information they possibly can from it. In this case, they’ve uncovered quite a bit.

There does seem to be a lot of overlap with other games in the list. For example, the leaked tracklist contains In The Meantime by Spacehog and Misery Business by Paramore, which already appeared in Guitar Hero 5 and World Tour, respectively. There are also quite a few songs that I remember from the GTA San Andreas soundtrack — Midlife Crisis (Faith No More), Been Caught Stealing (Jane’s Addiction) and Plush (Stone Temple Pilots) — but that’s a bit more forgivable.

Every major Rock Band-appropriate genre is well represented here. Plus nobody can say for sure what downloadable content will be added to the list as time passes, so the list can only get better from here. No matter what style of music gets your toes tappin’, there’s bound to be something in the list that you’ll enjoy. From the Doors to the White Stripes, James Brown to Ida Maria, there’s an eclectic enough mix to keep those little plastic guitars busy for a good long while.  Check out the full thing here.


The Rock Band Team have released this delightfully tongue-in-cheek response to the accidental leak of their track list.

Rock Band 3 Setlist OFFICIAL Comment from Harmonix on Vimeo.

You can check out the officially leaked list right here.

(via 1UP.)

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