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Mech on Wire: This Robot Walks A Tightrope Like It Ain’t No Thing

If you were planning on making your home safe from the coming robocalypse by ensuring it could only be reached by navigating a series of tightropes a la Prince of Persia, we have some bad news. Apparently, robots can walk tightropes now. Then again, if “tightropes” loomed large in your home defense plan against an army of mechanical marauders bent on world domination, you should probably have a Plan B in place. Because seriously, that is a terrible plan. You can see a video of why after the jump, but Protip: Turn the volume down unless you like being blasted by bad techno.

See? Terrible plan. That tightrope wouldn’t stop a robot. Sure, I mean, that robot isn’t getting across very quickly, but he still comports himself with more grace and  dignity than we can muster coming home from the bars on a Saturday night. Falls down a sight less, too.

(via Hack-A-Day)

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