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Watch This Robot Dad Try to Save His Family From Pseudoscience and An Oppressive Religion in “Battery Life”

In “Battery Life,” a family of robots find themselves cast out by their religious community after an accident nearly kills their son. Both mother and father sacrifice to try and save their child and find out the truth in this 11-minute short.

“Battery Life” comes from Dust, which I know we wrote up really recently – but I’m always happy when I can find Father’s Day art that celebrates the love of fathers while also railing against the rule of fathers (patriarchy), so I wanted to share “Battery Life” with everyone today. (I’ll admit I don’t love the mom robot’s plotline at first, but the ending satisfied me.)

Now, fair warning: some religious readers might interpret this short film as having an anti-religion message. I personally interpreted it as more of a “beware of false prophets” piece, but if you’re particularly sensitive to critical depictions of faith, it might not be your thing.

For some of us, Father’s Day is going to be tough no matter what – whether it’s because of an absent father, a toxic one, or one who’s recently departed. For others, it can be a great time to celebrate one or more of the fathers in their lives. But even when the holiday’s a positive one, it can be tricky to find a good Father’s Day movie or book. The depictions of masculinity in our media are…not always the most positive and healthy. Dads – like moms and other parenting figures – are often denied emotional complexity in films, and made out to be either bumbling louts (say, The Simpsons) or all-knowing macho providers (say, Taken). In the end, I think I enjoyed “Battery Life” because it gave me a father figure who’s kind and brave.

What are some of your favorite genre Father’s Day stories?

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