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Robin Hood: Origins Will Apparently Be A Gritty Reboot Produced By Leonardo DiCaprio



robinhoodWe previously explored the rumor that Hollywood was looking to make Robin Hood its next major reboot case with multiple separate projects in development at different studios. Now we know more about one of these: Robin Hood: Origins, which /Film calls a “gritty reinvention,” to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. No news yet on whether he’s considering starring in it as well.

Now, grit is fine when it’s fitting, but as far as concept goes it’s hardly enough to sell me on a project. So here’s what else we know about Robin Hood: Origins: It’s being written by Joby Harold, who wrote the Guy Ritchie King Arthur, and…well, that’s pretty much all we know, aside from its place among the other Robin Hood reboots currently floating around. Here’s a recap, from before we knew about Origins:

A few months back Sony showed interest in HOOD, An Avengers-style film that would also follow in the footsteps of Mission: Impossible and Fast and the Furious, and that would kick off a shared movie universe for Robin and his Merry Men.

Now Disney is stepping in, having reportedly optioned Nottingham & Hood, which seems to be more Pirates Of the Caribbean-y in nature.

Whether or not it should be bought back seems to be a moot point at this juncture, so here’s my question: What flavor do you want Robin Hood to take on if he and his merry men are coming back into our lives? I saw a lot of suggestions for genderbending last time around, which I’m all for — my childhood self had a strong connection with Keira Knightley’s turn as Robin Hood’s daughter in Princess Of Thieves. I might also be balking at the idea of a gritty reboot because the Robin Hoods that stand out most in my mind are a cartoon and Robin Hood: Men In Tights. I don’t need new Hoods to go as far towards the camp spectrum as those two did, but I’m also not convinced dark and gritty is the way to go. But maybe that’s just because I need a lot of humor in my action fare, which seems to be what Hollywood is aiming for here.

So assuming we can’t stop the endless churning of unoriginal ideas in Hollywood, what are your hopes and dreams for these Robin Hood films?

EDIT: I’d forgotten how recently they’d done the Robin Hood gritty reboot thing.

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