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I Can’t Get Enough of Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey Jr.’s Superhero Charity Fantasy Football League Trash Talk

Deadpool and Iron Man

Sometimes, actors do things and I wish I could explain them. This is one of those instances where I think I’ve put all the pieces together and know what is going on now, thanks to Ryan Reynolds and his need to gloat. Since football season started, some of our favorite Marvel heroes have started to post little videos egging each other on and talking about playing each other in a league that was never really announced (from what I could tell).

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I’ve been trying to investigate this since September. First, it started when Karen Gillan and Ryan Reynolds were facing off. Gillian won, and Reynolds sent her a video congratulating her.

It seems as if the Russo brothers’ AGBO Films started a fantasy football league that would make any superhero fan jealous. Filled with some of our favorite heroes (if Reynolds’ tags mean anything), the league competes every week and the winnings go to the charity of choice based on who won. This week, things are getting heated because Robert Downey Jr. started the gloating game by posting a video.

Downey, who clearly filmed this on a camera from 2005, posted a video telling Ryan Reynolds that he wasn’t the kind of guy to trash talk. (But then told Reynolds to “eat me,” so what’s the truth, Downey?)


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All the best this weekend brother @vancityreynolds … #agbosuperheroleague #eatme

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But it didn’t stop there (which isn’t surprising). Ryan Reynolds retaliated by … eating a cookie that I would like—meaning that it’s just a cookie with Robert Downey Jr.’s face on it.

To be quite honest, if Ryan Reynolds wanted to make these cookies and have the proceeds go to charity, I would also appreciate that because I’d willingly donate my money to have fun cookies with RDJ’s red carpet looks on them. I’m just saying, Reynolds, you could make millions.

At the end of the day, they’re doing this for a good cause. Downey is playing for Sacred Hearts, an organization that helps those suffering from substance abuse, and Reynolds is playing for SickKids Foundation of Canada.

Have I watched Robert Downey Jr. saying “eat me” and Ryan Reynolds eating an RDJ cookie on a loop? Maybe! But this is truly the only thing that could make me care about anything to do with sports, so at least I’ll be rooting for team Downey to win.

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