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Roastie: A Circular Toaster


Seen above, the transparent orb was not stolen from an Aperture Science lab, nor is it some device seen on Disney’s vision of the Heart of Gold. It’s a toaster. A toaster that looks like it is trying to murder bread with finger lasers. The Roastie, as Polish designer Mateusz Glówka calls it, is a circular toaster with rotating heat elements that toast the bread evenly, rather than leave uneven toast marks akin to postmodern art across a slice of bread’s fluffy canvas. The toasting takes place within a transparent shell, so one could grab a clipboard and lab coat and monitor anything of significance, and the controls project on the front of the toaster. The Roastie is currently a concept, so we’re not living in the future just yet, but if Glówka has anything to say it, the future will be here soon enough.

(Technabob via Laughing Squid)

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