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[VIDEO] TMS Reviews Riverdale Chapter Five, “Heart of Darkness”

Archie Andrews = Redhead Troy Bolton

Did you catch last Thursday’s Riverdale? This week’s episode brought up all kinds of family blood feuds, Jason Blossom’s memorial service, and a really creepy Gothic mansion.

In this episode, Keisha and I talk about how our love for Cheryl Blossom grew tenfold in this episode, and her growing friendship with Veronica is a wonderful thing to see. After all, who better to help the spoiled, mean rich girl than a reformed rich girl? Maybe these blossoming friendships will be enough to bury the feuds between all the adults, which we found out this week were all over maple syrup. How could such a wonderful, beautiful thing cause so much hate and evil? We don’t really understand how maple syrup works, but we don’t appreciate it being soiled like this.

“Heart of Darkness” was also one of the creepier episodes, and we love all the Gothic elements from the Crimson Peak vibe we got at the Blossom mansion to the snake in the box sent to Hermione Lodge. We’re starting to uncover some lies and secrets behind Polly and Jason’s relationship. Our current working theory is that Polly was/is pregnant, and might be locked away unfairly so she doesn’t snitch on someone. It would certainly fit in with the Gothic vibe we’re seeing now.

On a lighter note, Archie’s musical journey is going well! With the gross predatory Ms. Grundy gone, we’re seeing him get closer to Val (who we both agree is too good for him) and start to work in some balance. Naturally he has to compromise a bit, and it’s refreshing to see the film take on improving as a musician and having multiple commitments in an honest way. One might even call Archie a red-headed Troy Bolton, torn between sport and song until he discovers he can do both. We’re all in this together, y’all.

What did you think about “Heart of Darkness”? Do you have any new theories about who killed Jason Blossom?

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