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TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 5.1—”Escape the Prison”

In last week’s ongoing Let’s Play series through Rise of the Tomb Raider, we saw the ending of the game’s fourth chapter, including the introduction to a new character and tons of story updates. This week: headshots galore! You might want to catch up on our previous videos in this series over at our YouTube channel before diving into this one, but the story’s not too complicated. There’s a cult, they want to steal a magical artifact, they’re bad, and Lara’s good. Also she has arrows. Onward!

This new chapter of the game is called “Escape the Prison,” so of course we’ve got to fight our way out the hard way. Or perhaps … it won’t be so hard after all?

The first eight minutes of this video are going to blow you away if you’ve been watching our entire Let’s Play up until now, since our Let’s Player Sam Riedel (and, by extension, Lara Croft) has become quite the patient sniper ever since she first started playing this game. Remember those early episodes when Sam would have to try and try again in order to get past hordes of enemies? Not so this week! She nails every single shot she takes this time, and it’s glooorious to watch. Sam takes out every single one of these baddies without letting Lara take on so much as a scratch, and it’s super satisfying to watch.

Less satisfying than that: getting lost in the game again. Sigh. Sometimes it’s just not that obvious how to get to the next quest marker. After exploring around until the 17 minute mark, Sam figures out how to climb up to a window and manages to get to a new cut-scene about Ana. You remember Ana, she’s that jerk who betrayed us in last week’s episode.

Also inside the building, waiting for us: that new guy, Jacob, who Lara helped escape from the prison. How did he get here without us? What, Jacob’s sneaking into windows without Lara’s help? Anyway, Jacob and Lara overhear a very convenient conversation between the villains, who are gathered around a map discussing their plans in loud voices. It’s so nice when villains are considerate about delivering plot points for hidden bystanders.

Constantine, the cult leader, tells Ana that he thinks she’s not tough enough on Lara Croft. Ana argues back at him, then she breaks into a coughing fit. They’re looking for some sort of eternal life gimmick, remember? That’s why Ana’s in the cult, so she can cure herself. Ana and Constantine leave the room, and Lara jumps down from the little balcony that she and Jacob were conveniently perched upon. She looks over the cult’s plans for a bit, then she finds a scroll that proclaims something or other about doomsday. We did know that the Trinity cult was bad, but now we definitely know. Them constantly trying to kill Lara was another good indicator, but this doomsday scroll is a red flag too, I guess.

An alarm starts going off somewhere, so Lara and Jacob make a break for it. They escape into some sort of underground sewer, marking the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next section. See ya next Friday for that!

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