TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 4.4—”Soviet Installation”

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Our Let’s Play through Rise of the Tomb Raider continues to be an action-packed, parkour roller coaster through snowy landscapes. This week’s episode is almost entirely exploration-based and revolves around puzzle-solving as opposed to graphic enemy-murdering. By the way, if you’d like to check out our previous entrants in this series, check out our YouTube playlist!

After zip-lining away from the previous area, Lara Croft runs into a mysterious man who claims to be an ally. He seems to be part of an organization that is also working to take down the cult that Lara has run up against, and he’s trying to destroy their radio towers so as to disrupt their communications. He says that if Lara agrees to do that for him, then he’ll tell the rest of his cohorts that she can be trusted. Lara accepts his challenge.

Completing the mission will earn Lara a lock pick, which she needs in order to open a nearby chest. This all seems very Legend of Zelda, doesn’t it? Anywho, Lara climbs a nearby water tower which takes her to a very conveniently placed zip-line (sure are a lot of zip-lines out in the wilderness). She zip-lines to yet another area with more abandoned houses and more locked chests and cabinets, so it’s a good thing we’re getting that lock pick soon.

The game alerts us to the fact that the communications towers are nearby, but there’s also an optional challenge tomb nearby, so we’ve got a choice to make when it comes to what to do next. Our Let’s Player Sam Riedel chooses to destroy at least one communications tower before delving into the challenge tomb, but taking down the tower proves to be a harder task than initially thought.

Sam directs Lara to the top of the broken-down warehouse next to the tower, but shooting at the tower from up top doesn’t seem to have any effect, and there’s no instruction provided here about what to do. There are plenty of boxes to loot up there, so it’s worth going all the way upstairs, but it turns out that destroying the communication tower requires Lara to be on the ground next to them.

After Lara uses her pickaxe to hack apart the control panel for the tower, she makes her way over to the entrance to the challenge tomb, which looks like a spooky cave. But we’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s inside!

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