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TMS Plays Rise of the Tomb Raider Episode 4.3—”Soviet Installation”

This week, in our Let’s Play through Rise of the Tomb Raider, we have reached yet another situation that will require Lara Croft to shoot her way out. This time, though, she’s gotta use her gun just to break a window.

Right after that, though, she’s got to use that same gun to kill some people, because that’s the type of game we’re playing here. Lara does some climbing and scrambling until she ends up in another room packed with gruff bad guys. She watches as the guy who appears to be their leader, named Constantine, chokes out another guy who she met earlier in the game.

But as usual, there’s very little time spent on plot in this gameit’s all action. Clearing this particular room relies upon stealth kills, as usual, but our Let’s Player Sam has to take a couple of tries before she figures out the best way to empty the place out. Once it’s free of people, Sam figures out that she needs to blow up a nearby oil tanker in order to cause a massive explosion that creates a hole in the wall through which Lara can escape. There are no actual doors or staircases in this place, apparently, so the only way out is fire.

Anyway, once Lara’s outside again, she can climb over the barricade and get to a small train yard. She soon finds a place to set up camp (a.k.a. save her game), and she runs through an interior monologue about Constantine and his dangerous followers. Meanwhile, Sam decides which aspects of Lara’s weaponry she’d like to level up. Did you know that polishing a gun barrel “decreases shot deviance”? Doesn’t seem like that would work in real life, but all right.

Sam ends up choosing the “Eye For Detail” perk so that she and Lara can find more cool loot. Then she wanders around a bit and finds some loot, as promised. Right before advancing on to the next area, Sam wraps up the week’s play session. She’ll be playing some more Rise of the Tomb Raider this weekend, in time for next week’s episode, so if you have any opinions about which perks you’d like to see her unlock, let us know!

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