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RiffTrax Live 1998 Godzilla Kickstarter Reaches $100,000 Goal in Just Over 12 Hours

Internet math: love for RiffTrax + hate for 1998 Godzilla = $$$.

We’re still busy being excited about RiffTrax taking on the task of tearing through Sharknado in their upcoming RiffTrax Live, but that didn’t stop them from launching a Kickstarter last night for their next live event: 1998’s Godzilla. Yes, they’re going to take on another movie so purposefully bad that it almost mocks itself. It was purposefully bad, right?

They’ve already pretty much succeeded, too. The Kickstarter was launched last night just before 8:00PM, and as of this morning, it has already met its $100,000 goal and then some.

What will they do with all of that cash? Well, it takes a lot of money to get a movie studio to release the rights to air (and mock) one of their films to hundreds of movie theaters. According to the Kickstarter:

Thanks to you, we had a hugely successful Kickstarter last year that funded us to be able to riff STARSHIP TROOPERS live in 700 theaters across North America. The show was a success, and this year we have the opportunity to perform a live riff of one of our most requested movies ever – GODZILLA! Yes, the 1998 version with Matthew Broderick!

But in order to do it, we need your help again. The cost to secure the theatrical rights and for production is super expensive, but totally worth it IF we can make it happen.

So, Kickstarter community, please help us do our MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000-style funny commentary for GODZILLA, broadcast LIVE to hundreds of movie screens to a massive audience in a one-night event on August 14th, 2014!

They’ve already met their goal, but rewards are still there for the claiming. Even backers who give as little as $2 get bonuses like secret early ticketing passwords for this and future RiffTrax events, so go ahead and chip in to see this steaming pile of Kaiju crap finally get what it deserves.

(via RiffTrax)

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