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Rick and Morty Season 3 Trailer Even Weirder Than You Could’ve Hoped

Adult Swim announced a Rick and Morty live-stream earlier this week, which had many speculating that the show might be dropping new episodes soon like they did for realsies with the premiere episode April Fools.

The live event, which took place last night at 9PM, included Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland who talked a bit about the show. With host Brandon Johnson, the voice of Mr. Goldenford and storyboard artist Erica Hayes, the team answered questions with a live-draw and on-the-spot screenwriting. Harmon and Roiland addressed some of the concerns that had been surrounding Rick and Morty, as eager fans speculated what problems might be plaguing the production.

The two creators and writers emphasized that the delay was simply because they wanted the season to be as good as the first two, pushing against rumors that they were fighting. They also mentioned the team would be doing their best to make sure they’d be working more efficiently in the future. The team jokingly mentioned a season 4, but quickly clarified that it was not an official confirmation.

The highlight of the event, which I’m sure you’ve seen all around the internet, was the announcement of an air date and the trailer. Roiland joked that it would be 2021 at first, to the dismay of everyone in the live chat, then stated season 3 would air July 30th. That’s one way to curb expectations.

The trailer is full of Rick and Morty goodness, from Pickle Rick to what look like a Max Mad reference. “Only a show this smart could be so stupid,” it declares. Are you looking forward to season 3 of Rick and Morty?

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