Some Metal Gear Solid V Scenes Definitely Improved By Replacing Quiet With a Well-Clothed Dude

*gratuitously lathers a shirt*
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Sure, we now have an “explanation” for why Quiet wears a bikini (aside from the obvious male gaze reasons, that is), but is there also some additional logic for why the male characters don’t spend as much time as she does sensually frolicking or waggling their butts?

Tactical Modeling Operations swapped out Quiet for Ocelot in some of Metal Gear Solid‘s scenes, and the results shows the ridiculous degree to which Quiet is objectified. But my issue isn’t with objectification so much as the double standard these videos highlight–if we were accustomed to games that focus on male characters’ butts with the same regularity as they do female characters’, the Quiet/Ocelot swap wouldn’t seem as funny.

(via Polygon and an email tipster)

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