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We’re Getting a New ‘Silent Hill’ Movie. Here’s Why Reactions Are Mixed

Pyramid Head played by Chris Pratt, of course.

In 2006, fans of the Silent Hill franchise were gifted (depending on how you look at it) with a film adaptation of the first game. It was directed by Christophe Gans, and was notable for making Harry a woman, turning Cybil into America’s Sexiest Cop, and adding several layers of perverted, grimy camp that the game hadn’t really exhibited before.

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Which is to say … fan reactions were mixed, to say the least. So too have the reactions been to the announcement that Gans will be directing the next Silent Hill movie, Return to Silent Hill.

If you’re too busy to watch the video, here’s the gist of it: a few years ago, Gans and producer Victor Hadida returned to the franchise to pitch a new idea for a movie, and the team loved it. It’s inferred that this idea was actually the catalyst for reviving the series as a whole, but who’s to say that this wasn’t just a fantastical notion in order to generate more hype around this latest transmission.

… I mean if it was, it definitely worked on my gullible ass, but I digress.

The film will more or less follow the plot of Silent Hill 2, which will pair well with the upcoming remake of the game. But to be completely honest, as someone who was at best lukewarm about the original film, I’m not entirely confident that this movie will do the game any honors. There will probably be a weird Maria sex scene, which will promptly be followed by watching her third gruesome murder. We’ll probably have to see James Sunderland’s ass in the buff. They’ll probably be very weird about Angela Orosco’s character and backstory. Or not! Who’s to say. It’s still too early to really say anything definitive about this film.

I’m personally more excited about the two other games announced during the transmission: Silent Hill f, which will be written by the creator of Higurashi, and Silent Hill: Townfall, produced by the beloved team behind Stray and Outer Wilds. And regardless of how this film turns out, you can’t deny that as fans, we eatin’.

Even the sk8rs got something.

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