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Comic Superheroines Grace Retro Magazine Covers

Great Hera!

Pop artist Des Taylor has a collection of the bossest covers of Live Magazine, which doesn’t exist, but maybe it exists in Metropolis. Or at least a world in which all of comic book culture’s superheroes and superheroines are real. And in that world, their stories are the ones that make the covers of the most popular magazines, retro-style. After the jump, see Taylor’s pinup inspired covers, and then picture all the citizens of Spider-Man’s New York reading them on park benches.

First up, the ladies of the Marvel universe:

Here are the DC ladies:

And the gents:

Taylor says he’ll be displaying the Live covers at KAPOW! London Comic Con, and if he has time, he’ll be creating a Marvel men collection, too. I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants to help him with any menial tasks so he can go ahead and do that.

(DesPop via io9)

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