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Here’s The Resurrectionist Cover Rendered in Beautiful Chalk Art

Chalk art is beautiful, but I have a hard time being alright with how messy it is.

Over the weekend author and artist E.B. Hudspeth rendered the cover of his novel/art book The Resurrectionist in gorgeous chalk art in front of The Strand bookstore here in New York, and we have the time-lapse video to prove it. Take a look.

I’ve talked about The Resurrectionist before, but that’s only because it’s really great. It tells the story of a doctor who can best be described as Darwin meets Frankenstein as he studies and creates the anatomy of mythical creatures. The book features beautifully detailed drawing of the inner working of some classic monsters.

You can find out more about The Resurrectionist on the Quirk Books website.

(via E.B. Hudspeth)

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