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Republicans Ban Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie From CPAC—As If They Would Have Gone

Big Bird would never go to a Republican event, and that's just the truth.

Big Bird at a podium in front of a campaign sign reading

Big Bird had the AUDACITY to tweet about getting the COVID-19 vaccine so that kids wouldn’t be afraid of getting the shot themselves, and it has infuriated Republicans for the last week. You’d think people dying or our unemployment rate or the state of our healthcare system would anger Republicans, but no, it is Big Bird who really ruffled their feathers.

So much so that they have now taken it one step further. Republicans have taken the time out to make sure that Big Bird and friends are NOT welcome at their Conservative Political Action Conference. No 8 foot tall bird will be present there in 2022!

You’d think that Sesame Street would be the one thing we can all agree on, and now Republicans are banning Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie from CPAC …

In all seriousness (if you can call any of this serious), this is truly the most infuriating and absolutely baffling thing to ever happen, and we just lived through a Donald Trump presidency. Like, imagine being a Republican in power and dedicating your platform and energy to fighting SESAME STREET?! WHY? Because it is telling kids who are probably scared that it is okay to get a life-saving vaccine?

Because you’ve POLITICIZED medicine to the point that a fictional puppet simply tweeting that they got the vaccine is OFFENSIVE to you?! I want to understand—I really do—but I just don’t see what warrants this reaction from people who are supposedly fit to help run this country. Shouldn’t Republicans in power be more concerned with the government and taking care of Americans while we are still in a pandemic, instead of fighting a little green guy in a trash can?

So, why Sesame Street?

It’s simple: It’s showing kids that their parents are in the wrong. That’s my takeaway, as it is, necause it forces these “anti-vaxx” people to tell their kids that a character they idolize getting a vaccine to help them stay safe is somehow wrong. It would force these Republicans to have an actual conversation about these warped viewpoints that they have with their kids, and that would mean confronting their own personal bias in this situation.

And asking a Republican why they’re so defensive of an absurd viewpoint is like asking a cat why it knocks things over. It’s just never going to work out the way you hope. Republicans love to stick to their outdated, racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic viewpoints, but they don’t know why they’re doing it. They just keep doing so, and politicizing a vaccine is just the latest in their vendetta against this country as a whole.

Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie, you can come hang out at my apartment. You don’t need to go to CPAC, even if I do think it would be funny to watch Big Bird just tell the entire room why they’re being assholes.

(image: HBO Max and Big Bird for Senate Campaign)

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