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Check Out Remember Me’s Custom Combo System [Video]

Capcom released a new gameplay video of their upcoming action game Remember Me this week at Tokyo Game Show. The video shows how players can design their own combos in a training mode, aptly named the Combo Lab.

If this is your first time hearing about Remember Me, here’s the quick pitch: Set in futuristic Neo-Paris, players control Nilin, a “Memory hunter” who has the ability to jump into people’s minds and “remix” the way remember certain events in ways that can change their future behavior. In addition to its memory-centric puzzle elements, the game also looks to be very combat-intensive, as you’re about to see.

As the game progresses, players can unlock Nilin’s forgotten fighting skills (Ironically, Nilin the “memory hunter” is an amnesiac), letting players make longer, more complex combos. Nilin’s combos can be built from four types of moves, called “pressens” in the game; Regen, Power, Cooldown, and Chain. As you might expect given the names, each type of pressen has certain bonuses: “regen” combos regenerate health, “power” attacks are the strongest moves she’s got, etc. All told, there are over 50,000 combinations.

For more about Remember Me, check out a detailed walkthrough of the game from its official debut at Gamescom last month. Remember Me is on track to hit store shelves in May 2013.

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