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Release the Kraken Meme-athon at Urlesque

Our BlogFriends at Urlesque are hosting an image macro shindig centered around the madness that is Liam Neeson’s “release the Kraken!” line from the trailer for Clash of the Titans. Geekosystem’s own Susana: “LIAM NEESON WHAT ARE YOU DOING. YOU ARE A REAL ACTOR.”

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It wouldn’t be the first time Liam Neeson opened a film with just his voice (e.g., Taken), but the line is so ridiculous that it inspired us to release Krakens of our own. Below are a half-dozen of our original “Release the Kraken” photo mashups. And you can make your own!

Want to release your own Kraken? Use our Kraken template and share it with us.

Check out the happenings at Urlesque, which currently include a blob-thing, a Wilford Brimley-like cat, and the dancing dog from that weird Japanese chip commercial.


Context2: (for the dancing dog we have desperately been looking for an excuse to put on the site, somehow.)

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