Artist Makes Igloo Out of Refrigerators to Complain About Technology

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German artist Ralf Schmerberg built an igloo out of 312 refrigerators in the middle of Hamburg, Germany, called the “Stromfresser,” or “Power Eater.” It houses a “tower of consumption,” created by artist Esa Ott, made up of electronics that are plugged in and draining electricity, measured by a meter.

Why did Schmerberg create this power-draining refrigerator igloo? To complain about technology. No, really.

The point of Schmerberg’s creation is supposed to show that Western society’s desire for newer electronics is ruining the environment via the way consumption affects the environment. Schmerberg tells AOL News:

“We are playing with this fetish that we think we have a better life if we use better electronic devices — it’s totally bulls**t,

A machine to open a tin when you used to use a hand opener, a machine to cut a turkey when you used to use a knife, a machine for this, a machine for that,

A lot of these electronic devices, they make us lazy stupid, tired, useless.”

He forgets to mention he has a website that, you know, was built with, runs on, and is intended to be viewed with electronic devices.

Each of the 312 (the savvier of us know why there are 312 of them, of course!) refrigerators is facing outward, so the motors all face inside, creating a heated space where the “tower of consumption” resides:

(via AOL News)

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