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Dan Harmon Is Soooo Mad That Community’s Full “Ass Crack Bandit” Song Leaked Online

The italics are for extreme sarcasm.

Dan Harmon is back this year, and so is Community. It’s truly hard to pick a favorite episode for this season so far between “Geothermal Escapism” and “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics,” but the ridiculous song about the “Ass Crack Bandit” from the latter may just win that fight, and now the song’s full version is online.

Dan Harmon and Ben Folds were understandably upset that their opus was leaked online before they could turn it into a Grammy-winning full album (probably). So upset, in fact, that Harmon tweeted the link to the “leaked” song, so he absolutely does not want you to listen to it 1,000 times right now and then also make it your ringtone. He’s very mad, you guys.

So who leaked the song? Only the bandit knows.

(Dan Harmon via Twitter, image Quarter2Ass via YouTube)

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