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[Redacted] Death on Titans Might Be a Temporary Development

It was only a flesh wound.

The cast of Titans, but with the old gang and their really terrible costumes that look better the darker it is

It had been hinted at for a while that the season two finale of Titans would have a major character death, and the result was disappointing and a little underwhelming, but it’s being hinted that the death might not stick.

**Spoilers for the season two finale of Titans.**

The death of Donna Troy was hard to watch. Not only did she die saving Dawn, a character that has struggled to have a purpose all season (and who could have easily moved out of the damn way—pivot, girl), but it came out of nowhere, and multiple characters like Raven and Connor could have helped, so she didn’t need to die.

It was a pointless end to a character who is basically a younger version of Wonder Woman, getting electrocuted to death (whut 1) when she could have easily just thrown the object somewhere else—or, again, literally Connor could have just come and helped.

However, the other day, a clip was shared featuring Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy, and hints at something coming for season three:

In the clip, Leslie says that the storyline of the character has “yet to be explored” and mentions the code name that Donna takes later in the comics, “Troia,” which hints that there is possibly more to come for Donna, even though she “died” at the end of the season. They already set up the possibility that Raven (Teagan Croft) will be able to bring the Amazon back to life.

Despite the fact that the cast of Titans is an overstuffed mess, if there was a character marked for death, their name was Hank—or, even better, they could have just been written off for the time being, or given another spinoff à la Doom Patrol, which is actually a good show. Getting rid of Donna, even temporarily, is a massive disservice to the character.

Donna Troy’s version of Wonder Girl has been part of the DC Comics universe since the ’60s and was a founding member of the Teen Titans. Despite having a notoriously overly complicated backstory, she has been a major part of DC, and I’m hoping that her death is going to be a vehicle for Troia and to get her in the shiny black superhero costume that I love (no offense to the red one). Still, with Donna’s temporary death, Raven’s inability to be consistently reliable, Dove’s … doveness, and Kory’s depowering, this season of Titans let the ladies down in the season finale—save for Rose, who at least got to play a big role in the downfall of Slade.

With Slade gone and CADMUS on the backburner, it’ll be time for Blackfire to rise, which is the major thing I’m looking forward to next season.

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