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“Red Shirt Guy” Responds to BlizzCon Video

When the red-shirted young man known as “Red Shirt Guyschooled the very creators of World of Warcraft on an obscure point of continuity within the Wildhammer clan at this past weekend’s BlizzCon, we pointed out how fan policing is a service much valued by the creators of sprawling fantasy worlds to keep things in order: The Internet on the whole wasn’t so kind, however. Yes, the question was übergeeky — no doubt about that — but there were some nasty personal attacks on the questioner himself.

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In this response video, Red Shirt Guy confronts his critics, explains why he spoke the way he did in the previous video (nervousness and the weirdness of hearing his voice on the microphone), and explains that he has Asperger’s syndrome. He also reveals himself to have much more in the way of guts than the nasty people who made fun of him online. Also, he wears his red shirt again. Bravo, Red Shirt Guy! You are a brave young man.

(via Reddit)

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