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Pepsi Really Releasing Pepsi Perfect Bottles for Back to the Future II

Why do we always cut these things so damn close?

In true Back to the Future fashion, Pepsi is making the Pepsi Perfect bottle from Back to the Future Part II a part of real-life 2015 at the very last minute.

In fact, if you’re lucky enough to be cosplaying Marty McFly at this year’s New York Comic Con—as many people are sure to be seeing as 2015 is the future year Marty travelled to in Part II—you can snag a bottle before the October 21st release that commemorates Marty’s specific date of arrival. All you have to do is be one of the first 200 BttF fans to show up at the Pepsi Perfect booth (Friday – Sunday) in the proper attire, and you can get a taste of the future. Well, the future for weird people who prefer Pepsi, anyway.

Just watch out for the inevitable flood of Marty cosplayers on those wheeled “hoverboards.”

They’ll also be giving away bottles in competitions of Wild Gunman held on those days at 3PM in case you’re ancient enough to understand how those old fashioned arcade machines work. Everyone else will have to watch Pepsi’s social media channels on Back to the Future Day (October 21) to find out how they can pay an inordinately high price for one of the fancy looking, limited-edition bottles, as they’ll only be available online.

Only 6,500 will be sold, and they’ll go for $20.15—inflation in the Back to the Future-verse is apparently bonkers—which is a clever excuse for a bit of price gouging. Come on, they at least could have done it right and made 8,800 of them. Charging only $1.21 would’ve been nice, too.

(via /Film)

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