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Keyboard Shoes Come In Different Types [Pics]

If only you could write the next great American novel while taking a walk in the park. Well, now, you still can’t, but you can take a walk in the park in these kick-ass QWERTY kicks. Features include a sole that looks like a keyboard. Features sadly don’t include a Caps Lock key that forces you to stomp around until you manage to land on that precise button again, a space bar that moves you forward a step without you actually walking, or a delete key that can destroy all enemies in your path. I’m assuming those are all coming in the second generation.

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Or, if the sole is too subtle a place for your footwear’s keyboard, you can try these:

As you can see, they’re mesmerizing. They appear to contain no letters or numbers, just functionality keys from arrows to tab to backspace. Hopefully the keys are attached well enough that they don’t break of when you stomp or brush up against something. But just to be safe, don’t use them in a nerdy fight club.

(Via DeviceMag and Make)

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