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Twitter Users Call Out President Obama Because “Madder” Isn’t a Word, Except That it Is

There may be problems with the healthcare site, but not with Obama's grammar.

Obama Tweet

In a speech about the problems with the Affordable Care Act registration site, President Obama said, “Nobody is madder than me.” The Internet, ever the haven of grammar trolls, has erupted with people on Twitter calling the President out for using “madder” claiming that it’s not a word. Bad news, pedants — “Madder” is absolutely a word.

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Obama’s official Twitter account tweeted out the relevant quote from his speech:

Here’s a sample of how Twitter responded:

There are more with some colorful language, but more importantly, here’s what happens when you ask Google to define “Mad” for you:


There you have it. The comparative form of “mad” is “madder.” Don’t believe Google? Check out Merriam, or Oxford Dictionaries and get the same result. Don’t trust online dictionaries? Here it is in print in Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, Deluxe Edition:

(image via Brandon Strohl)

(image via Brandon Strohl)

Charles Dickens even used it in The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit:

We don’t suppose any of you feel like apologizing?

(Stan Carey on Twitter via Peter Sokolowski, image via Barack Obama on Twitter)

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