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That Four Leaf Clover Better Work in ‘Queen of Tears’ Episode 7

Queen of Tears is playing with my emotions. I don’t think I can keep up with feeling giddy one moment, only to be brutally crushed a few minutes later.

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You thought the sixth episode was going to end happily? Both of us were fooled because Hong Hae-in discovered Hyunwoo’s initial plan to divorce her. But after six episodes, we know Hyunwoo can’t follow through with it because he still cares about Hae-in’s wellbeing.

We should’ve expected Hae-in to find out either way, since there are forces that are hellbent on separating Hae-in and Hyunwoo. The only real tragedy here is that both of them couldn’t communicate clearly, and I’m here pinning my hopes on that four-leaf clover Hae-in bought at a tourist trap.

The situation is dire, and we’re all waiting in suspense for the next episode. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer. Queen of Tears episode 7 is coming to Netflix on March 30, 2024. You can watch the official preview below.

I know I’m desperate to see Hae-in and Hyunwoo happy because they deserve that more than any other character in this series, but it may be a good thing that Hyunwoo didn’t deny his plan to divorce Hae-in when he was confronted. The reason their relationship went sour was because they couldn’t be honest with their emotions.

Hyunwoo took a step in the right direction by keeping it real. It may even heal his relationship with Hae-in in the long term, but we know she’s not going to take kindly to what he confessed.

While there’s trouble in paradise, many characters will sweep in and try to sink their teeth into the Queen’s Group and Hae-in. Moh Seul-hee and her group of allies were responsible for digging up Hyunwoo’s papers in the first place, and it’s becoming clearer with each passing episode that they want to take Queen’s Group for themselves.

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