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Pull Wisely: Lumberjanes #23, Archie #6, Bitch Planet #7, and More!


  1. Lumberjanes #23 <em>Lumberjanes #23</em> Lumberjanes #23
    w: Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh
    a: Carey Pietsch
    p: BOOM! Studios

    Shape-shifting! More Bear Woman! And more Lumberjanes! Seriously, what's not to like?
  2. Archie #6 <em>Archie #6</em> Archie #6
    w: Mark Waid
    a: Veronica Fish
    p: Archie Comics
    We've already shown you a preview of this issue - now you can get your grubby little hands on it!
  3. Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business <em>Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business</em> Batgirl Vol. 2: Family Business
    w: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart
    a: Babs Tarr
    p: DC Comics

    This trade collects some of the most exciting issues of this current run: Batgirl #41-45, Annual #3, and Convergence: Infinity Inc. #2. The story arc contained within is something that definitely kept me absorbed every week. Check it out!
  4. Bitch Planet #7 <em>Bitch Planet #7</em> Bitch Planet#7
    w: Kelly Sue DeConnick
    a: Valentine De Landro
    p: Image Comics
    After last month's harrowing one-shot, Bitch Planet is back to its main story as another non-compliant woman arrives and Whitney has to answer for Meiko's death.
  5. Star Wars #16 <em>Star Wars #16</em> Star Wars #16
    w: Jason Aaron
    a: Leinil Francis Yu
    p: Marvel Comics

    Like I say almost every week: Marvel's really been killing it with their Star Wars comic series. Now, they're kicking off a brand new story arc, titled "Rebel Jail." From the sound of it, this one should be pretty exciting, so get in on the ground floor and check this issue out!
  6. Sex Criminals #14 <em>Sex Criminals #14</em> Sex Criminals#14
    w: Matt Fraction
    a: Chip Zdarsky
    p: Image Comics
    We pretty much can't beat their synopsis for this issue: "Why can't we all just get along? Because then the comic would be boring." Also, there's apparently a special XXX NSFW variant cover drawn by Katie Cook for this issue - if you're into that sort of thing.
  7. Fade Out Vol. 3 <em>Fade Out Vol. 3</em> The Fade Out Vol. 3
    w: Ed Brubaker
    a: Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser
    p: Image Comics

    This trade collects the final act of this thrilling, stylish Hollywood noir comic. It's such a neat Hollywood mystery that plays out just brilliantly on the page, and that's exciting in and of itself. Also I might be a bit of a sucker for noir things.
  8. Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1 <em>Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1</em> Grumpy Cat and Pokey#1
    w: Ben McCool
    a: Agnes Garbowska
    p: Dynamite Entertainment
    Grumpy Cat is back for more after her first hit mini-series. She and Pokey continue their all-ages adventures and are made to look more adorable than ever thanks to the talents of Agnes Garbowska.
  9. Harley Quinn #25 <em>Harley Quinn #25</em> Harley Quinn #25
    w: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
    a: Chad Hardin
    p: DC Comics

    We love Conner and Palmiotti around here, and what they've done with Harley Quinn so far is pretty rad. Definitely pick this one up.
  10. Max Ride #4 <em>Max Ride #4</em> Max Ride#4 (of 5)
    w: Jody Houser
    a: R.B. Silva
    p: Marvel Comics
    We're in the home stretch of the latest Max Ride adventure! The Flock is on the run again after they discovered a traitor in their midst! Will they ever be safe? And who's still pursuing them? Find out in the penultimate issue of Max Ride!

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