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PSGroove: Open Source PS3 Jailbreak, Available for Download

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A new, open source PS3 jailbreak, called PSGroove, is now available for download.

After the PlayStation 3 was finally cracked, the Australian Federal Court quickly put a stop to the jailbreak’s circulation by halting the distribution of the crack and turning the cracking group’s inventory over to Sony, the long-overdue crack’s future was looking grim (for people into that sort of thing).

However, a new, open source jailbreak has just been released, dubbed PSGroove. The crack is available for download, but must be installed onto an AT90USBkey or a Teensy++ USB development board. As with most homebrew-enabling cracks, PSGroove allows a user to run unsigned code on a PS3.

Now that an open source, downloadable crack has made it onto the internet, federal courts will probably have a much harder time preventing its distribution, thus most likely ensuring the longevity of the jailbreak.

(Engadget via PS3Hax)

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