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Australian Federal Court Halts PSJailbreak Distribution

As mentioned two days ago, the PlayStation 3 was finally cracked by a group of hackers, who then (against everything that piracy stands for) decided to sell their jailbreak for a steep price of $130. Today, only two days later, the Australian Federal Court has put an end to the group’s efforts.

PS3Hax posted the court’s decision, which essentially prevents the jailbreak device from being distributed in any manner whatsoever.As Ars Technica states:

the court ordered that a limited number of the devices “be released to [Sony] for such analysis, including destructive analysis, as the Applicants think fit, upon the payment to the applicable respondent of its retail price for each such PSJailbreak Device.”

With Sony getting their hands on the inventory for study and with distribution of the device screeching to a halt only two days after it began, it’s likely that Sony will be able to quickly stifle the jailbreak’s application before it spreads and may even be able to prevent future cracks that use a similar method.

(via Ars Technica)

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