Regular Cover by Veronica Fish

Preview: Archie #8 Wants You to “Vote Lodge!”

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Regular Cover by Veronica FishWhat? You’re not on the Archie train yet? Well, why not? Mark Waid has totally reinvigorated Riverdale, and Veronica Fish’s art is a perfect, energetic compliment to his voice. If you haven’t been keeping up, Archie, Vol. 1 came out recently, collecting Issues #1-6. Issue #8 comes out in May, and we’ve got some preview pages and variant covers for you!

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I totally wanna take that Veronica Fish cover up top, buy it poster-sized and put it on my wall. It’s awesome! It’s great how Archie Comics has been able to attract some pretty incredible art talent on their newest ongoing Archie title. From Fiona Staples, to Annie Wu, to Fish herself, as well as all the artists delivering amazing variants, it’s clear that Archie Comics is all about giving us today’s Archie story-wise, with a modern art style to match.

Check out these wonderful covers by Anton Emdin and Faith Erin Hicks:

Variant Cover by Anton Emdin

Variant Cover by Anton Emdin

Variant Cover by Faith Erin Hicks

Variant Cover by Faith Erin Hicks

Now, this is an early preview, so these pages aren’t lettered yet. We’ll get to see a fully lettered version once we get closer to this issue’s release date in May. But for now, let’s enjoy just how expressive and clear these pages are without words. Veronica clearly has Daddy Issues as he runs for Mayor of Riverdale…and she also clearly has issues with the fact that the redhead she’s into is kind of an idiot.

Interior art comes courtesy of Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, and Jen Vaughn:





Here’s the official solicit information from Archie Comics:

Veronica’s father (and Archie’s arch-nemesis!), Hiram Lodge, is running for Mayor of Riverdale! But will he save, and even improve the town-or will he destroy it? Find out in this next installment of the hottest comic of the year!

Script: Mark Waid
Art: Veronica Fish, Andre Szymanowicz, Jen Vaughn, Jack Morelli
Archie #8 CVR A Reg Cover: Veronica Fish
Archie #8 CVR B Variant: Anton Emdin
Archie #8 CVR C Variant: Faith Erin Hicks
On Sale Date: 5/11
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Arch-nemesis? “Destroying” the town? Should we “Vote Lodge,” or shouldn’t we? Find out by making sure you get your hands on Archie Issue #8. If you want to ensure that you’ll have a copy, go to your local comic shop and pre-order a copy by April 18th. Or, you can just hope one’s waiting for you when the issue comes out on May 11th!
(images via Archie Comics)

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